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Prospective students interested in either degree, M.Div or MA Theology, are encouraged to reach out and contact us directly.  The seminary president and staff encourage questions and conversations by phone.

For a printed informational brochure on the Seminary, its programs or an updated Academic Calendar, please use the submission form to the right and indicate your request.  (If you are requesting printed literature, please be sure to include your mailing address.)

Applicants that meet the incoming requirements are encouraged to fill out a Preliminary Application.  The application is start of our acceptance process for all programs.

To apply, use one of the following links to download an Application Form in one of the provided file formats.  The instructions for completing the submission process are found on the bottom of the Application Form.

Application Form  MS Word (.doc)   Acrobat (.pdf)  Open Doc (.odt)
(All three are the same, just different formats.)

Non-Discriminatory Policy

It is the policy of the Seminary not to discriminate against a person because of race, color, age, sex, or national or ethnic origin either in the matter of admissions, programs, scholarships, or employment. The Seminary shall not admit or enroll women into any divinity program, in accordance with the dictate of Scripture (1 Timothy 2:12). Women may be admitted and enrolled in the Master of Arts in Theology degree program